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Carrot Toys

Just a small sample of the many toys available in the Carrot Format.  

Katie Carrot Pooh Bear Money box Garden Slide Jump Rope Pick up Sticks Pens
Golf Set Baseball Set  Spinner Jigsaws Bubble Maker Chalks Easter

KATIE CARROT by Hasbro Toyskatie carrot

katie carrot boxMr Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on national TV. Born In 1949, the Mr. Potato Head toy was first invented by George Lerner. Mr. Lerner was a Brooklyn-based designer and inventor who sought to give children a toy they could design themselves. The inventor figured that vegetables with a little personality might have a better chance, created a set of silly face parts as bonuses for cereal box promotions.

Hassenfeld brothers (later Hasbro, Inc.) acquired his creation in 1952. The original package included eyes, nose, mouth, ears—28 different plastic facial features in all—along with a Styrofoam head for kids to practice making wacky expressions. The Mr. Potato Head television commercial, the first ever for a toy, helped Hasbro earn more than $4 million in sales in just the first few months.

Katie Carrot appeared as a stand alone version in late 1964, soon after Mr Potato Head had been developed for use with his own plastic body.  This was introduced a concerns grew about hygiene and the sharply pointed body part previously used to pierce a potato was deemed inappropriate.

Photos - left Katie's Box, right in the flesh!

Mr Potato Head and family were invested into the Toy Hall of Fame in the year 2000 (Others in the family - Mrs Potato Head, Brother Spud, Sister Yam, Katie Carrot, Oscar Orange, Cooky Cucumber & Pete the Pepper)  (Source - Play Museum, Rochester, NY)

Tiger Electronics Winnie the Pooh: "Pooh Counting Carrots" Pooh Bear counting carrots

The Pooh Counting Carrots Electronic Learning Game is a battery operated device with 4 modes of play: Find, Identify, What Comes Next and Counting.

Press a number and the carrots will light up to teach counting and features authentic voices of Pooh and Rabbit. Pooh says "Well hello there". This is for a  The box says it has 4 different modes of play, carrots light up  It is for ages 2-6. It is battery operated (not included). It was made by Tiger Electronics and dated 1998 Disney.

It occupies kids for hours and is a well respected and admired learning tool. Ages 2-6.

Click picture to see larger version.


The Sylvanian Families Rabbit House - see the lovely umbrella?

Money Box

Money Box

Kids Slide

Garden Slide

Baseball Set

Baseball set

Golf Set

Golf Set

Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Pick up sticks

Pick up sticks

Ball Point Pen 1

Ball Point Pen

Ball Point Pen 2

..and another

Carrot Spinner Closed

Spinner - closed

Carrot Spinner Open

Spinner - Open



Bubble Maker

Bubble maker


Jigsaw Puzzle


carrot jigsaw


Another Slide Fairground Slot Ride Easter Tree Hangings


Carrot Sidewalk Chalks

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