"Sunshine" Carrot Collector

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Sunshine Glynn, another recent addition to the collectors list - here is her carrot story -

"In college, my future husband (Jaime) and I worked on the residence life staff together.  We were best friends and although romantically interested in one another it took us almost a year to make it official.  We were a silly couple, playing pranks and making memories."

"One day, Jaime was headed to the store and asked me if I wanted anything.  I responded with "bring me something that will make me happy".  Now, in my mind, that "something" either tasted like chocolate or was in full bloom.  Instead of candy or flowers, Jaime came back with the largest bag of carrots I had ever seen.  I looked at him with a "you've got to be kidding" look.  "What", he exclaimed.  "Carrots make you happy.  Have you ever seen anyone eat a carrot who wasn't smiling?".  Not that I had ever noticed, but maybe he was right.  We spent the rest of the year using "Carrots make you happy" as a catch phrase.  It was only a matter of time before they started accumulating them."

Sunshine started collecting in about 1997.

On their  wedding day, their flower girl handed out carrots shaped bags filled with candy to the guests!

Sunshine is a self proclaimed carrot purest and does not collect anything that has a bunny attached to it. She also tries to avoid items with other vegetables on them!  Over time, the carrot collection has taken shape in her kitchen.  Specifically she loves carrot plates, salt and pepper shakers, serving dishes, kitchen towels and  pitchers. 

Like many other collectors (catchphrase, less cutesy more carrot!) she has have weeded out the riffraff and now only acquire the
things her soul can't live without!  She has started collecting carrot fabric to make a carrot quilt, and never passes up children's clothes if they have carrots on them!

Sunshine says - " I do have a couple of favourite items.  I love my carrot "rat".  My husband found it on a trip and brought it home as a gift.  The rat keeps me company when I cook."

"I am fascinated that there are other people out there like me.  Who would have thought there would be more than one person who collects carrots!  We are a weird bunch!" - you got it in one!  Carrot Museum says - Not weird so much as unique, eccentric and special! after all it is a wonderful vegetable and inspires many.

Here are some samples from Sunshine's collection.



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