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The Plate Collector - Susan Johnson

Another of the fantastic carrot collections which has come to the attention of the World Carrot Museum is Susan Johnson from Belton, Missouri who collects carrot plates and other carrotabilia. Susan works in Human Resources and also makes wedding cakes, and in her spare time is a carrot collector extraordinaire.

Susan started the carrot plate collecting bug in 1997 to complement her stuffed rabbit collection but she had no idea how difficult it would be to find carrot plates and it took her over a year to find her second plate.
In true carrot collectors obsessive style she persevered and now has a significant collection of over 25 plates and 100's of other carrot items.

During her pursuit  for carrot items and information she came across an article in "Taste of Home" magazine and found out about other carrot collectors. She had made pen pals out of five of them and has actually met two. Of course some of these collectors are also friends of the Carrot Museum and feature elsewhere in this site. After meeting and talking with her pen pals she has found that there are so many more items out there to collect with carrots on them. She has teapots, gardening tools, candles, magnets, ornaments, etc.

The "bug" has definitely set in and the carrot specific collection is growing rapidly.

To quote Susan "It's much like a scavenger hunt when it comes to carrots."

Here is the Carrot Lady dressed up for the occasion alongside her very first plate which started the whole madness off. The carrots are three dimensional and it is a very lovely piece.

Susan's favourite carrot piece in the collection. It is made completely of sugar and is about 7 inches long. It is hollow but inside there are pieces of candy corn.  Isn't it adorable?

Susan also enjoys collecting pichers and teapots. Here is a sample.

As if it was needed, here is further evidence which truly confirms the carrot madness:

More of Susan's carrot stuff

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