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M H Poskitt Ltd, Carrot Grower

John had the privilege of having a personal guided tour of M H Poskitts Ltd one of the leading carrot packers in the country and suppliers to a major supermarkets in the UK and many wholesalers and catering companies in the whole of the UK.  Poskitts supplies over 10% of the UK carrot market.

It is a family owned, Yorkshire based carrot and packing company with over 50 years experience in the business. They run the business 364 days of the year, processing over 100 tons of carrots per day. It is a major employer in the community and maintains a workforce of over 100 people in the processing and growing of carrots!

The carrots are harvested daily and delivered in refrigerated trucks,  and immediately washed, polished, graded and packed ready for the customer in under 48 hours of harvest. They also process carrots into batons, slices and packets of grated carrots for the retail market. In fact they are the largest supplier of baton carrots, nationwide.

Poskittts produce over 50,000 tonnes of carrots every year from the UK. The main areas of production are in Norfolk, Suffolk, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Scotland. This geographical spread and integration with joint venture growers enables the farm to produce all year supply for the packhouse. Early season carrots start in Mid June and the late season carrots start in Scotland in Early May enabling the business to supply year round UK carrots.

Poskitts also process for the organic carrot market delivering them in various sizes to cater for customer requirements. Parsnips make an appearance too in the production processes, but carrots are by far the largest product.

From 500g up to one ton can be prepared and packaged depending on the needs of the customer.

poskitts lorry carrots poskitts carrot boxes

Another truck load arrives for processing

The company has a year round commitment to supplying top quality products, and their continuous policy of research and development helps them to invest and remain of the most innovative companies in the industry.

Here's a few photos showing some of the processes involved.

Washed, hydro cooled and sorted into sizes


"Poskie" is never too far away!

Conveying washed carrots 


Hand Sorting and Grading


Packaging area - boxes and bags in preparation for delivery

The Poskitt Logo

Various Bags

Bags on the roll, off to be filled

 One kilo bags ready to ship to Asda

As is the case with most food processing there is a certain amount of waste product, in this case misshapen carrots are bagged up and sold as pony feed.  Other waste goes off for animal feed.

For more information about Poskitts you can visit their web site here.

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