Carrot illustrated in mosaic form

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Mosaic Carrots

This Roman Mosaic (below- right close up detail) from the City of Thysdrus, Tunisia (modern day El Djem). This Nilotic mosaic shows a naked man with two vegetables (thought to be carrots or parsnips - leaves look like parsnip!!) from Djem, Tunisia. It served as the center of olive oil production in the province of Africa proconsularis,

Roman Mosaic El Djem Carrots Roman Mosaic El Djem Carrots - close up

















Modern Mosaics

1. Ilona Fried - various media

 Ilona Fried - The Carrot Museum is the proud owner of an exquisite art form, the mosaic, produced by artist  Ilona Fried in the USA.  Here are some samples of her work (click on photos for larger image).

Illona Fried - Carrot Mosaics Illona Fried - Carrot Mosaics

In this example  Materials used, from left to right: Stained glass; vitreous glass tile; Italian smalti; combination of ceramic tile and assorted glass tile. (right) Vitreous tile, ceramic tile, glass; vitreous tile, millefiori; stained glass

Inspired by a visit to a local produce market where she found a gigantic, 1 lb (1/2 kg) carrot, Ilona Fried decided to immortalize her discovery in a series of mosaics.

These sold quickly so she created some more - so far, she has produced seven unique carrot artworks in addition to her other abstract and figurative work. You can see images of her art at

Ilona has travelled extensively and lived in several countries. At the moment, she resides and maintains a studio in Denver, Colorado.  . 

2. Jesse W. Lord Johnson - roman style mosiac Carrot Mosaic Tile  - Jesse W Lord Johnson

Here is a piece created by Jesse W. Lord Johnson.  A tile on board, about one inch thick,  the piece measures about  2 feet by 3 feet. It has sold for 250 dollars (US),

Born in the foothills of the southwest Arkansas,  grew to appreciate the arts while watching his mother painting folk art.  Raised under the shadows of the Grand Tetons, he developed a deep love and respect for nature.  

Jesse W. Lord Johnson has a BA in English Literature from Montana State University, a MA in History from Fordham University- Rose Hill, a MFA from the New York Academy of Art, and a MA in Secondary Education from Lehman College - CUNY.  He currently teaches art and literature in the South Bronx. 

3. Mosaic Carrot Sculpture - Clay Squared to Infinity

Daucus CarotaCarrot Mosaic Sculpture

This steel and mosaic carrot sculpture is installed at the Eastside Food Co-op at 26th and Central Avenue NE in Minneapolis, MN. (Size 10'h x 3'w x 3'w)

It was designed by Clay Squared to Infinity.

A collaborative artistic effort, Dirk DuBois constructed the steel frame while Sheryl Tuorila designed and did the mosaic on the sculpture.

Handmade ceramic tiles from Clay Squared (made by Josh Blanc and Greg Good), and handmade glass tiles by FKArt Glass adorn the 10-foot tall carrot.




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