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Carrots crop up in art everywhere ... Anyone who thinks artists - and by extension, art teachers - are wussies hasn't encountered Ottilie Habercam, the deceptively sweet-looking head of the art department at Broadneck High School, Annapolis MD.

Armed with little more than a paintbrush and a clay roller, Ms. Habercam is passionately outspoken about the state of the arts in Anne Arundel County public schools. Under her direction, an Arts Festival celebrating the arts on the Broadneck Peninsula was recently held in the School.

One group of students made art inspired by vegetables and fruits, including the carrot.

Wendi Winters reported for The Annapolis Capital, "Just ask Liz Wilson of Mago Vista. The neon orange anthropomorphic root she sculpted of wire and papier-mache has purple gloves and dancing shoes, with a wild, wired headdress and lots of moxie. It's almost enough to make a vegan stop eating vegetables."

Liz carefully layered sheets of colored tissue over strips of brown paper towels to form the body of her dancin' carrot. A junior, the Georgia transplant is thinking about going to Albright College after graduation. "I want to be an art teacher," she said, "I love kids and I love art. From elementary school through high school, I've always enjoyed my art classes. I've had about six art teachers and loved every one of them."

(Text and student photo of courtesy of Wendi Winters, for "The Capital" - local newspaper)

This beautiful piece of art now resides in the World Carrot Museum.

Ottolie says "The lesson was to give the students the opportunity to 'personify' a fruit or vegetable, with clearly wonderful results. In amongst the star carrot piece was a great lime, broccolli and a favourite the 'Bok Choy'.  Hopefully the Fancy Carrot helps to put Broadneck High School, Annapolis on the map."

We at the Carrot Museum think so!


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