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What Kabalarian Philosophy Says about selecting the name "Carrot"!

According to Kabalarian Philosophy if your first name is "Carrot" some of the characteristics associated with your name are detailed below.

You are happiest when you are expressing in some creative, artistic way, and not conforming to strict routine.

In a large group of comparative strangers, you are quiet and rather shy, unable to express yourself, not really wanting to become involved in conversation. On the other hand, among friends with whom you feel at ease, you are expressive, witty, and quite charming. These contrasting natures make it difficult for people to understand you and can lead to friction in your personal life.

You are deep, philosophical, and refined, but your extremely sensitive nature causes you to become depressed and self-pitying over any real or imagined slight. If you are not careful, people take advantage of your generous nature. You find the beauties of nature, fine music, art, and literature--all the deeper things of life--inspiring.

The reserved, sensitive side of your nature brings aloneness and friction into your life, although you crave affection and understanding. You must guard against emotional excesses, which could result in depletion of energy, creating a desire for quick-energy foods. You could suffer through skin irritations, blood conditions, back trouble, and later, through arthritis. Heart, lung, or bronchial weaknesses could also result.

The Kabalarian Philosophy™ teaches constructive living based on principles of right thinking, right breathing, and right eating. These principles provide the key to understanding how to control life to bring into reality the happiness, mental freedom, and personal success that everyone seeks. In today's world, there exists a need for a practical, logical lifestyle that provides the means for self-development and mental progress towards a more universal concept.

The struggle to understand one's true purpose in life, one's spiritual relationship to all things, and to fulfil one's destiny when it is known, has been part of humanity's existence always. Many theories offer some answers but for many people there is a lack of tangible reality in such theories, leaving the challenge of everyday living in a state of confusion as to what values in life should be used as a standard of measurement.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that life should reflect constructive growth and evolution to a higher state of intelligent expression. Such constructive growth is based on the refinement of life and the improvement of humanity's intelligence to reflect greater harmony, purpose, and the attainment of universal ideals. When we learn to live in harmony with the laws of life to which we are subordinate and when we direct our efforts to fulfil our potential as a channel for universal intelligence, we will evolve mentally and spiritually to create a world of universal understanding of all people and establish peace and harmony for all through an enlightened intellect.

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