The Holtville Carrot Festival

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Carrot Capital, Holtville Carrot Festival 2007

More shots of the Carrot Road Warriors and the float, before the parade.

Below, the Harvest (click here)   - All the photos were kindly taken by Quentin Burke, the Carrot Road Warriors guide to Holtville.


Ellen makes the finishing touches

Jeff holds his press conference

Zizi's turn to give a report (John-what are you doing?)

The finished article

The Harvest - There was a fine welcome to the Warriors from Grimmway Farms out in the carrot field. Holding a sign from our float was field foreman Medrano Pastor of Bakersfield.   Grimmway ships carrots to all over America.

Immediately following the Carrot Festival, towards the middle of March the carrot harvest is in full swing in Holtville. Here are some photos of work in progress to get the produce off to market as quickly as possible. 

We witnessed how dense the soil compacts in Holtville. The tractor has big tines on it to loosen the soil so the carrots can be pulled out easily.  The workers tie the carrots with a twist tie in one pound bunches, knowing by skill and experience how many make up a pound: five medium or six small ones. Then six one pound bunches are tied together.

Another successful carrot harvest year for Grimmway.

The twisters in action and Carrots are far as the eye can see! - heaven for the connoisseurs

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