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The Hobson Family have farmed at Naburn Hill Farm, Yorkshire for well over 100 years. The productive Vale of York's sandy soil produces excellent carrots, potatoes, turf, wheat, barley and oilseed rape. Over the past 20 years the business has become the leading year round grower of carrots for the prepared foods industry in the UK and currently supply over 25 thousand tonnes of carrots per annum to their customers.

John had the privilege of having a personal guided tour of Hobson Farming Ltd one of the leading carrot growers to specialise in supplying only the food preparation industry. The company is proud to state that "All our Carrots are home grown with instant internet traceability; and, We do NOT supply Carrots from other Growers."

All Hobson's carrots are grown locally, in Yorkshire, available 365 days a year; crowned for better processing, washed and graded, ready to be made into a variety of products, such as soup, coleslaw, baby food, batons etc.

For more information about Hobson Farming and contact details  you can visit their web site here. Hobson carrots, washed, graded and ready to go. Available on fixed contract prices; Assured to all leading Protocols; and Enhancing Yorkshire Wildlife.


Carrots from cold store awaiting delivery

Rodger Hobson shows off his winter carrots, kept under straw to protect from the elements and to ensure a readily available crop all year round.

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