Carrot Museum at Harlow Carr

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The Carrot Museum Road Show at Harlow Carr Gardens 2008

Two Shows took place in 2008 in August (below) & October 27-29 click here

19-21 August

The World Carrot Museum Road Show had a major exhibit at the Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain, at Harlow Carr Gardens, in August 2008 as part of the Family Fun Fortnight.

The display of the Carrot Museum collection included kitchenware, ceramics, craft, toys/games, clothing, seed packets, books/literature, confectionery/food display, miscellaneous trinkets and seed packets from around the world. 

There were Informative displays about carrot history, growing, trivia, healthy eating. A free leaflet table had recipes, healthy eating advice, growing hints and tips.

Ceramics and real carrots of various colours

Craft Items

Hundreds of people attended and went away, smiling, maybe a touch bemused by such a vast array of carroty things. The kids were delighted with the activities, which included making key rings, bookmarks, finger puppets, paper craft, colouring in, quizzes,  word searches and crossword puzzles. 

Mr Carrot (John in his carrot suit) made several appearances and wandered the grounds to promote the event.

Here are some more photos taken during the three day event.

Some of the beautiful face and arm paintings


Food and packaging

More Unusual items!

The Resident Artist, Elizabeth, created unique carrot faces and arm paintings and displayed examples of her craft work together with active demonstrations.


Seed Packets

A large display stand displayed all the different varieties of carrot seed available, kindly donated by the major seed suppliers.

Information Displays


Carrot hats, shirts ties etc

Video of the Roadshow here

Seeds display

October 27-29 2008

A new location at Harlow Carr Gardens for Carrot Museum Collection at the Taste of Autumn show, in the large greenhouse which normally houses the succulent displays. With the new accommodation came the opportunity to change the displays and layout, focussing more on the Museum exhibits and a more eye catching information display.

A few photos tell the story. Mr Carrot also makes an appearance -


Face painting for all, including the staff!

Lots of activities for the kids, some of whom left their art work in the standing display for the duration of the event.


Next door in the marquee, kids were given the chance to create original vegetable art

View the short video of the October Carrot Collection here

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