Grimmways Farms - the largest carrot grower in the US

Grimmways Carrot Company

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Grimmways Farms- Largest grower in the US

In February 2015 John had the privilege of having a personal guided tour of the Headquarters of Grimmways Farms, Bakersfield CA the leading carrot producer in the USA.  Family-owned and headquartered in Bakersfield, California, the company traces its roots to a produce stand opened by the Grimm brothers. Today, Grimmway is a global produce leader and the world’s largest producer of carrots. Today, Grimmway still follows the principles planted by founders Rod and Bob Grimm through a commitment to caring for customers and employees, honouring sustainable practices and preserving natural resources for generations to come.

Grimmway Farms is dedicated to providing good value, consistent quality and dependable service to fulfill customers’ needs - those guiding principles have enabled our company to conduct business with integrity for more than 40 years.. The story of Grimmway began in 1968, when brothers Rod and Bob Grimm set up a roadside produce stand and planted the seed that would blossom into today’s Grimmway Farms. Ten years later, the brothers moved north to Kern County, where the family business took root and prospered from their dedication to product quality and customer service. For more than 45 years, our commitment to that promise continues to be upheld as a top priority.

Grimmway Farms’ dedication to consistent quality and dependable service has made them the global leader in our industry. Grimmway Farms has grown to become not only one of the largest growers, producers and shippers of carrots in the world but also a leading supplier of organic produce, potatoes and carrot juice concentrate.

Beginning with our founders’ farm stand in 1968,  At Grimmway Farms, the commitment to customers is to continue to offer unsurpassed quality, innovative products and packaging; and to employ strict safety standards and extensive sustainability programs and practices - See more here.

In 1985 Grimmways moved the carrot processing plant to Bakersfield, CA where the climate enables two annual carrot crops.

Grimmways grow carrots in a variety of regions in California to ensure ideal growing conditions year round. Carrots thrive in the sandy, loamy soils of California. These soils, combined with the ideal California climate (75° to 85°days and cool nights 50° to 60°), provide the optimal growing conditions. As a result, they transition growing areas throughout Central and Southern California to ensure just-picked carrots are delivered to their customers for every season. - See more here.

Grimmways website here.

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