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Carrots in World War Two Characters and Recipes Supplied by Walt Disney

In late 1941, Walt Disney offered to help the British Government promote carrots as a nutritious food source. Hank Porter, a leading Disney cartoonist  designed a family of carrot characters on behalf of England's Food Minister (Lord Woolton). These were wired to London together with six US recipes and then reproduced on a poster, recipe booklet and flyers. The images were used extensively in a newspaper campaign.

As the British Ministry of Food had already used their own Dr Carrot in their promotions, this Disney character was never used, and is lost to posterity. These images are reproduced from the originals. They are VERY rare!. Please do not copy them.


Disney Pop Carrot Leaflet WW2

Disney Pop Carrot Recipe Leaflet WW2


1740 Pudding

Curried Carrot & Beans

Carrots & Sprouts

Carrot & Bacon bake

Carrot & Sausage Braise

Carrot Soup



Disney Carroty George WW2

Disney Carroty George Recipes WW2


Carrot & Fish Pie

Carrot & Cheese Cream

Carrot & Bacon Casserole

Carrot Spiced Pie

Carrot Steamed Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

Disney Clara Carrot Leaflet WW2

Disney Calra Carrot Recipes WW2


Carrots baked around the joint (hint not recipe)

Hot Vegetable salad

Carrot & Potato Whip

Carrots & Apples

Boston Carrot & Bean Bake

Carrot Pasties

Carrot Charlotte


These newspaper copies of Carroty George, Clara Carrot and Pop Carrot are taken from "The Times" archives in the UK (1941/2). 

Carroty George Disney Character used in WW2 campaign

Carroty George's motto was "I'll tell you what to do with me!"

You can meet young Carroty George any day at the 'Hot Pot' if you’re a member. He belongs of course, to all the best clubs, and what’s more he has the entrée of all the best kitchens.

That’s because a fellow of tact and resource and can so quickly adapt himself to any occasion, sweet or savoury. See how well he fits into Carrot Hot Pot:

Carrot Hot Pot

Wash and coarsely grate 6 carrots and 6 potatoes; mix with 2 tablespoons packet sage and onion. Make seasoning of 2 teaspoons salt, ½ teaspoon pepper, and, if possible, brown sugar. Put half the vegetables in a stew pot, cover with half the seasoning, add rest of vegetables and rest of seasoning.

No water required, cover stew pot and bake very slowly for 2 hours. You’ll have a dish very much out of the ordinary, for 3 or 4.

Pop Carrot Disney Character used in WW2 campaign “It’s a question of good taste,” says Pop Carrot. “And my taste is delicious. I’m equally welcome in sweet or savoury, stew pot or saucepan.

Of course I could tell you all about my Vitamin A. But that would be boasting, and besides it’s the flavour that counts.” Here’s a recipe for a good savoury.

Potato and Carrot Pancake

Boil together 1 ½ lbs. potatoes and 1 ½ lbs. sliced carrots; strain (saving the liquid for soup) and mash well with salt and pepper to taste. Make a little fat very hot in a stout frying-pan. put in the mixture and fry very slowly. It will develop a deliciously crisp crust.

Or bake to a good brown if you are using the oven: Enough for 4.

Clara Carrot Disney Character used in WW2 campaign Clara Carrot is the picture of -health, though the neighbours say she leads a double life. Sometimes she’s a sweet, some- times she’s a savoury: it all depends on how you treat her.

She adds piquancy to meat, fish and vegetable dishes; and in puddings, pies and cakes, she’s sweet and spicy. She’s the making of Portman Pudding.

Portman Pudding

4 oz flour, 4 oz each of grated raw carrot and potato. Teaspoon mixed Spice, 2 tablespoons sugar. Level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, pinch of salt  ½  cupful of sultanas and raisins, 2 ozs. fat. Cream fat and sugar, add carrot, potato, flour, spice and soda. Mix well together. Add fruit. Add water if necessary to make a stiff dropping consistency.

Steam for 2hours at least. Serves 3 or 4. A sweet that needs little sugar!


How it was reported in Yorkshire (UK) Carrot Campaign Yorkshire Post 1942

Title: Carrot Campaign

Date February1942; Description: Four WVS members host a table, which holds samples and recipes for confections and sweets as well as four stuffed carrot figures at a Carrot Campaign exhibition in Leeds, Yorkshire.

In the background three floor to ceiling posters of carrot characters and a small stand ‘My favourite carrot recipes by famous people, Dr Carrot monthly feature’. Copyright: The Yorkshire Post."

Picture courtesy of Yorkshire Post Newspapers.

This photo has copyright protection, please respect it.

Remaining "Disney" recipes:

Carrroty George:  He’s a great favourite in the kitchen, our Carroty George. He has a hundred and one ways of making himself agreeable. Given a chance he’ll enter into your pots and pans with real relish:, Even if you reduce him to dice he won’t be cut up; and he takes frying, steaming, stewing or boiling, in perfectly good part. He plays the leading part in:

Club Carrots -  Scrub and grate six large carrots and mix with a teaspoonful of finely shredded white heart of cabbage. Make a dressing of 1 small teacupful thick unflavoured custard, I tablespoon salad oil, 1 teaspoon vinegar, ½ teaspoon each mustard, pepper, and salt, and 1 tablespoon finely chopped pickles. Toast 4 thick slices of bread on each side, spread the insides of these pockets with margarine, and stuff with the filling. Serve at once. A first-rate supper dish.

Clara Carrot: The spice of life is very much Clara Carrot’s concern; for she’s a master of variety -a quick change artist with a hundred and one disguises, each more amusing than the last. If you’ve only met her plain and boiled you’ve no idea how delightful she can be in other modes. You should try:

Jugged Brisket 1 ½ lbs. brisket, 2 lbs. carrots, 2 tablespoons dripping, 1 ½ pints vegetable stock, 1 tablespoon gravy thickening, 2 tablespoons piquant sauce or vinegar from pickle bottle, 1 saltspoon mustard. Melt the dripping in a stout saucepan. Grate half the carrot into it. Put in the meat, then the rest of the grated carrot. Pour in 1 pint stock. Cover saucepan, simmer 2 hours. Thicken rest of stock with gravy thickening. Add sauce and mustard, pour into pot and cook fast for 10 minutes. A grand dish, to serve 4 or 5.

Another advertisement which appeared in most newspapers in the early 1940's. Eyes in the Blackout - Doctor Carrot


Some odd, unexpected little talents Doctor Carrot possesses. Not only does he entertain you at mealtimes, giving savour to your sweets and sweetness to your savouries, but he can actually - did you know? - help you to see better in the blackout. Meet Doctor Carrot: you’ll like him. Here’s a recipe that will be new to most British housewives:

Boston Bake

Soak 2 breakfast cupfuls small white beans in cold water for 24 hours. Put into a stew-jar with 3 ozs. diced fat bacon, and I lb. sliced carrots. Mix thoroughly 1 level teaspoonful dry mustard and 1 tablespoonful golden syrup with enough hot water to make 1 pint. Pour over beans, and add enough water to cover. Put on lid, and bake in moderate oven, for 2 to 2 ½ hours.

For the last half-hour remove the lid, and bring some of the bits of bacon to the top to brown off. Delicious !


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