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Carrot Tree Kitchens, Jamestown Virginia  

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Then Entrance DriveTravel to Williamsburg via the Jamestown Road and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the Carrot Tree Kitchen. Yes, even in the historic colonial district there is a carrot fanatic Debi Helsetch, who concentrates all her efforts on giving visitors the full Carrot experience and ample sustenance for their historic journey. In fact you can, no you must!  take away a souvenir Carrot Tree Kitchen mug, at little extra cost to a normal coffee.

The Carrot Tree Restaurant welcomes weary travellers with a good selections of snacks and desserts including the ubiquitous Debi's Carrot Cake.

With cakes made from scratch and herbs and vegetables pulled from the garden, the Carrot Tree has the reputation for being one of the freshest places in town! The carrot cake and coconut cake are both popular, as are the coffeecakes and pastries. They also serve soups, ham biscuits and salads. But save room for the desserts!

So what is the story of the Carrot Tree? - well it is not quite as old as some stories in the Historic Triangle, but just as fascinating.  In 1984, challenged by a restaurant manager to produce a better carrot cake, Debi did so by calling her grandmother for the family recipe. She shopped and baked until 3 am to get it right! She burned up a few home ovens before building her first commercial bakery, in 1990,  in her home's garage.  In 1995 she opened Carrot Tree Kitchens on Jamestown Road, Williamsburg, Virginia.  Believe it or not it was the town's first scratch bakery in years. Debi believes in producing the finest fare for her guests, so everything is fresh from scratch every day. She positively lives by the motto "Food is a love not a business".

Carrot BreadThe Souvenir Carrot MugOk! so where did the name Carrot Tree come from? Debi and Glen were married under the Great Oak as Bassett Hall in Colonial Williamsburg. The very same tree Rockefeller sat under to plan the restoration, a tree thought to be over 400 years old. When time came to name Debi's business, several ideas were bandied about - Great Oak Bakery, Oak Tree Bakery, White Oak Bakery and son.  Then Deb's Aunt Postie said "Too bad there isn't a carrot tree!" Perfect!! and so it is has been Carrot Tree ever since.

And why Carrot? well carrot cake was the first cake she ever baked and the first cake she ever sold, but more importantly Debi is another avid carrot collector and her restaurant is adorned with every conceivable carrot ornament, and here is a sample of her fine collection.



There is a real Carrot Tree, native to Madeira - here

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