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The Carrot Princess

Barbara Gannon, another active member in the Carrot Collectors Club, and surprisingly enough probably the person who has been collecting carrot items the longest! A chance reading of the Cleveland "Plain Dealer" brought her to the attention of a fellow collector (Jeff) who passed the information to the Carrot Museum.

Barbara with samples from her vast Carrot Collection

Barbara was an educator at an elementary school in Parma, Ohio, has been carrot crazy since the early seventies. During her high school at days Barbara was part of the marching band at Parma Senior High School and regularly brought carrots to band practice, not for any particular reason, but none the less an early sign of carrot madness.

Other members of the band joined in, eventually declaring December 10 to be Carrot Day with that day being observed every year since. Carrot Day continues to be celebrated with her students, co-workers and friends from all over with the exchange of carrot cards, singing carrot carols and munching away on carrots.

More of Barbara's collection here:

The carrot shirt worn by Barbara in high school!

John and Jeff has visited Barbara's class on several occasions to see her collection of carrot items and a few photos are shown below.

Jeff, Carrot Collector giving a talk to the kids at school and Yes! A Carrot Tree for Carrot Day and Carrotmas!!

The Carroty Welcome for John & Jeff

Here is a picture of the "Carrotoes" (like Mistletoe) which are hung in the entrance to Barbara's classroom ever year. She just cannot start the year without them!  Yes, dear readers, clear evidence (as if it were needed) of sheer Carrot Madness - keep it up Barbara!

And a special carrot treat dish prepared for Carrot visitors John and Jeff.

Carrotness clearly runs in the blood -

Barbara's great niece showing her
interest in the ubiquitous carrot!

That's what we like to see - start 'em young!
Barbara's son Brad ended up in Ohakune (a mere few weeks after John's visit) to hug the Giant Carrot! Brad is WWOOFing (World wide Opportunities of Organic Farming) - good for him!

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