" Carrotabilia" or "Carota Collectionae"  - What carrot collectors collect!

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Many thanks to Romana for many of these photos from her enormous collection.

japanese salt and pepper pots - donated by Bruce the Moose fancy carrot plate easter carrot chocolates

A to Z of Carrotabilia


basket, birdhouse, brushes

candleholders, candles, candlesticks, candy, Canoe cards, Carrot highway video, carrot patch (fromHoltville) Carrot strainer, carrot treats for guinea pigs and rabbits, Cars, Catnips, ceramic bowls, ceramic shoe, chocolates, clocks, cookie cutter

decanter, dog toys, door handles

Easter lights, eraser

fishing lure, forks, fancy dress


hand puppet, handkerchief

jars, jewellery, jump rope.


licence plates, light switches

measuring cup, Mouse mat mugs

napkin rings, neckties

ornaments by the million

papier mache boxes, peelers, pegboard, pencil sharpener, pens, pictures on silk and wood, piggybanks, pillows, Plant signs plates

recipe cards

salt n pepper shakers, seed packets, sequins, slippers, soap, soap dispenser, stampers, stuffed animals, sugar creamer, socks

teapot, teddy costume, tiles, timer, tissues, Toothbrushes, trivet, T-shirt, Tybo the Carrot man from "Lost in Space"



wheelbarrow wild bunch watch wooden people with carrots

x-rated items - carrot condom; carrot vibrator




see also the collectibles page click here


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