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The Annual Rueblimart in Aarau, Switzerland - November 5 2008

The annual "RŁeblimart" (Carrot Market) is always held on the first Wednesday in November, the town of Aarau, in Switzerland.  The first one was held in 1981.  What a magnificent show of carrot colours, probably the best in the world!
Carrots Aarau
The Carrot Museum visited the Rueblimart in 2008 and received a warm welcome from all the stall holders.

On the Day the town turns into Carrot wonderland and all manner of baked carrot products -  carrot cakes, carrot muffins, carrot bread , carrot soup, carrot jam, carrot cheese, are on display, to sample and buy. Also tableware, cloths, musical instruments and,  of course, carrots of every colour!

In fact I have never such a vast collection of all the carrot colours in one place, truly a great carrot show.

Click on a photo to see a larger image.

One stallholder produces a different carrot and vegetable piece of art every year. 2008 witnessed the beautiful butterfly.

Carrot Butterfly Aurau Rueblimart


Yellow Carrots Aarau White Carrots Aarau
Red carrots Aarau Purple carrots Aarau
Black carrots Aarau

And, naturally, Orange and a golf ball variety, Paris market!!

Orange Carrots Aarau Golf ball carrots "Paris market" Aarau

See page 2 for other views of the Rueblimart, Carrot Market at Aarau and even more carrots!

Aarau Carrot Cake Recipe here. (word document)

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