The Carrot Museum at Christmas

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Merry Carrotmas from all the Carrot Museum staff and a Happy 2020 filled with carrots of ALL colours


The World Carrot Museum is still open for visitors throughout the festive season

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Click here to visit the page dedicated to the Role of Carrots at Christmas

(includes new and interesting recipes and one from WW2)

The World Carrot Museum Carrotmas Tree

carrot museum at christmas

carrot christmas tree 2018 - World Carrot Museum

Carrot Tree Grimmways 2016

Check out these great videos

 - Rudolph visits the Carrot Museum

 - A Parsnip Xmas Carol

Above left is the photo of the Carrot Museum's "Carrotmas Tree", right is Grimmways's creation. Naturally the Museum leaves a carrot (or two!) waiting for Rudolph on Christmas Eve! 

Of course Carrots play an important role at Christmas time, and not just as the nose on a snowman! - learn all about the traditions and try some carrot Christmas recipes including a World War Two Christmas Cake and Pudding!. 

Click here to see the "Reveal" article about Carrotmas.

A selection of Carrot Christmas Tree Glass Ornaments

A very Merry Christmas to one and all and a Happy New Year.

Eat plenty of carrots during the festive season - you know it makes sense!

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