Carrots - The Veggie Gang

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Meet the Veggie Gang


The Veggie Gang Campaign is defunct.


The Veggie Gang is a unique children's character concept created by Harrison Hunter Trading Ltd in Lancashire. Their aim is to encourage primary key stage 1 children to eat and be more aware of vegetables in a fun and interesting way.

In consultation with the DFES, the Gang provides a teaching resource pack, including a teachers manual, fun learning activities, a farm map, toys, stationery, badges, posters, plant pots and packets of seeds for carrot, cress, radish and mint to grow and take home.

Veggie Gang members provide top teaching tips, information and activity sheets on growing, preparing, cooking and tasting vegetables.

A range of character soft toys is available all with a big happy smile and made using bright and interesting colours so that every toy looks like a vegetable. Your children can learn about what is good for them while they play and have fun.