Even More Carrot Trivia

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Carrots Trivia Part 5

Trivia 1 lists the many and weird interesting facts about carrots.

Trivia 2 which gives examples of the carrot in the Arts and Sciences together with some fascinating "rock art" discovered by Brian Lee in America. Here you will also find the famous icy sparks microwave effect explained, and examples of carrot tattoos.  Carrots can make antifreeze and see if carrots could unlock the mysteries of the universe!
Were Carrots the first step in cloning?  and so much more .........

Trivia 3 concentrates on Carrots in Literature, Poetry and Quotations.

Trivia 4 starts to register the carrot in Films and Television.

Trivia 5 - Even More "one liner" trivia items!.

Fine Art works containing depictions of Carrots are now on a separate page. Click here to go there.

More Trivia
bullet  Cut some Carrot flowers, put them in a glass with water coloured with food dye and watch the blooms change colour.
bullet  Howard Hughes always measured every carrot he ate.
bullet  The Polish for carrot is Marchew.
bullet  Researchers at the USDA found that study participants who consumed 2 carrots a day were able to lower their cholesterol levels about 20 percent due to a soluble fibre called calcium pectate.
bullet  the Roman invaders fed carrot broth to their female captives in hope of loosening their straight-laced demeanour.
bullet  In 1990 Crayola added neon carrot colour to its range of crayons
bullet  In the Indian state of Rajastan women are obliged to eat carrot seeds. It is believed the carrot seeds have contraceptive qualities. Learn more on the Contraceptive page.
bullet  A strong decoction of carrot and root make a very good insecticide.
bullet  You get 10 mg of Vitamin A from 20 average carrots.
bullet  Villagers in Creances, France, have been dressing up as carrots all week in August 2003 celebrate the area's 1,000 years of carrot production. (see Museum visit here)
bullet  The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture employs a Research Professor in Processing Carrots. The Research Professor will examine such priorities as soil conservation, variety evaluation, insect and disease management and harvest and post-harvest technology. See their site here.
bullet  There is as much calcium in 9 carrots as there is in a glass (250ml) of  whole milk.
bullet  For the same amount of calcium in around 9 carrots you would need to eat over a kilo of garlic.
bullet  The Spanish word for carrot is zanahoria, which also means nerd.
bullet There is a foodstuff named Carrot Caviar recipe and more here.
bullet  American cockroaches can synthesize beta-carotene it is thought they have special enzymes, or some micro organisms living in the insects' bodies to provide the synthesis.
bullet  The root of Queen Anne's Lace flower is chewed by North African caravaners to protect themselves from the sun, because it stimulates pigment production.
bullet  Black Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio polyxenes) is particularly attracted to carrot plants.
bullet  It is alleged that Nero ate the last remaining root of the ancient carrot "sylphion".
bullet  China produces 274,900,000 tonnes  of carrots per year.
bullet  Carrot (from American Mountain men terms)  means A bundle of tobacco, wrapped in linen, then whip-wrapped with cords thus forming a crescent-shaped bundle. An early method of packaging and selling tobacco
bullet  The points of the hoops stuck in the ground used in croquet are called carrots - see photo.
bullet  There is a Carrot variety for every letter of the alphabet. Click here to see.
bullet  Wild rabbits do not eat carrots - you have been watching too much Bugs Bunny !
bullet  Washington state has quarantined Wild Carrot to prevent any  escapes into its wildlands and agricultural regions. It is illegal to transport, buy, sell or distribute seed there. The penalty is a $5,000 fine.
bullet  The maximum amount of work produceable by a pound of Carrots is that it will enable a man to raise 64 tons one foot high, so that it would appear to be a very efficient force producer.
 The total area in Britain planted with carrots each year is 9000ha - double the size of Holland's carrot production area. That's 2000 times bigger than the roof area of the new Wembley Stadium or the equivalent of 18000 football pitches.
bullet  The name 'Carrot' is Celtic, and means 'red of colour'.
bullet  Three Carrots give you enough energy to walk three miles.
bullet  One pound of carrots will make approximately six to eight ounces of carrot juice.
bullet  Carrot: All brides should be given carrots. It supposedly brings luck in the kitchen.
bullet  From 1 lb. of Carrots we can obtain 1 ounce and 11 grains of sugar.
bullet  Carrots are good for dandruff.
bullet  Starlings use wild carrots to kill mites in their nests - read more
bullet  In Cigar Terminology a carrot is composed of 4 hands tied together. The carrot is prepared by smoothing or pressing out the leaves that are to remain outside like a cover. The carrot is tied with fibre.
bullet  Carrot seeds are one half of small spiny fruits called schizocarps.
bullet  Cooked carrots are rated at 49 in the Glycaemic Index.
bullet  In Astrology, Wild Carrots belong to Mercury.
bullet  There is a carrot caterpillar, the larva of the swallowtail butterfly. Picture here.
bullet  Large Carrots make excellent baby teethers.
bullet  Early Native Americans (Mohegans) are recorded to have used carrot roots for food, and to have utilised an infusion of the blossoms to treat diabetes.
bullet  Chinese and Indian writings indicate eye disease was treated by squeezing the juice of liver on to the eye. (Don't try this at home folks!)
bullet  A teaspoon holds almost 2000 carrot seeds.
bullet  If cows eat too many carrots their milk tastes bitter.
bullet  One tiny alfalfa leafcutter bee can pollinate carrots 20 times better than its larger, noisier, more irritable honey bee cousins. Learn more here.
bullet  Why is a carrot more orange than an orange?
bullet  On an average day, the year-round operation  at Grimmway Farms processes 2-1/2 miles of trucks loaded with 10 million pounds of carrots.
bullet  Grimmway processes 40,000 of California's 75,000 acres of carrots.
bullet  The classic Snowman's nose is always a Carrot.
bullet  Bugs on stamps! The U.S. Postal Service has issued a stamp honouring the pesky wabbit in a ceremony on the lot of Warner Bros. studios in Burbank CA.
bullet  An old Polish saying " If your husband is old and weak you must have him to drink the juice from two big carrots and one firm celery".
bullet  In Java the people eat carrot leaves.
bullet  The Greeks thought that carrots cured venereal disease.
bullet  The Arab cultures thought it a possible aphrodisiac.
bullet  One of the old tales is true and one isn't: Carrots won't make your hair curly; but they do sharpen night vision.
bullet  The river known as oskatask sipiy in Cree, literally "river of the wild carrot" runs by the town of Carrot River in Saskatchewan. The town's motto is "Small Town Hospitality- Big Town Amenities".
bullet  Carrot is used in two very common French expressions of the 19th century : "to pull on the carrot" meant to extort a confession from somebody and "to pull a carrot" meant to imagine an excuse to fiddle money or to get a doctor to make an exemption for the military service.
bullet  According to French popular wisdom (!), eating carrots makes people nice and gives them blushing thighs.
bullet  Carrot is a symbolic of fecundity (look it up).
bullet  According to a superstition, a diet of very fresh carrot juice during pregnancy fortifies a child but, should he be red-haired, he will later on have bad instincts.
bullet  In magic, carrot seeds are given to help women wishing to have a baby to conceive.
bullet  The Flaming Carrot was a mysterious and demented comic book superhero.
bullet  Attempts have been made to extract sugar from Carrots, but the resulting thick syrup refuses to crystallize, and in competition with either cane sugar or that obtained from the beetroot, it has not proved commercially successful.
bullet  In April 2002, the British Sun Newspaper carried an advertisement by Tesco, a large supermarket chain, which announced the development of the genetically engineered "whistling carrot." The carrot had been developed to include tapered air holes over its entirety so that when cooked, the carrots would whistle. (April Fool Joke!)
bullet  By the early 1300s, a violet-coloured carrot was being grown in Italy, where it was stewed with honey and served as a dessert.
bullet  The Hebrew word for carrot is "gezer," which also means decree. So munching a carrot is also a request that any evil decree will be withheld in the coming year.
bullet  In traditional St Patrick's day parades in the USA the people on floats throw carrots and cabbages and if you catch one you will have luck all year round. On the  same day they also drink green beer!
bullet  Roasted carrots can be used as coffee substitute.
bullet  Carrot syrup is sometimes employed as a sweetening agent.
bullet  Alcoholic tincture of carrot seed is incorporated in French liqueurs.
bullet  When the British Navy blockaded West Indian sugar from entering Europe in the 18th century, chemists made sugar from organic carrots.
bullet  Carrot oil is used for flavouring and in perfumery.
bullet  An extract of carrots was used to colour oleos (margarine) during the fats rationing that took place during WWII
bullet  Considerable honey is manufactured from bees visiting carrot, although the quality is poor.
bullet  Juwarot variety  contains almost twice the carotene of any other carrot.
bullet  William Wells, also known as Apekonit and Epiconyare, was captured by the Indians in 1784 when he was 14 years old. Apekonit is an Indian Word for several plants including wild carrot. Wells had red hair so his Indian name was "carrot top" or "red head.
bullet  Carrot leaves were used to decorate ladies hair in Western Europe in place of feathers.
bullet  Carrots make Antifreeze.
bullet  There is a Gameboy game entitled "looney Tunes Carrot Crazy"
bullet  Carrot Seed oil mixed with cedarwood oil is a good imitation of orris.
bullet  In the Middle Ages, carrot juice was used to make butter a more appealing colour in winter.
bullet  Rent a Carrot Suit here.
bullet  The juice of red wild carrots was used for food colouring.
bullet  The variety Daucus. maritimus, frequent on many parts of the sea coast in the south of England, which differs from ordinary carrots in having somewhat fleshy leaves and is destitute of the central purple flower. In this case, all the flowers of the head have often a somewhat pinkish tinge.
bullet  There was a curious superstition that this small purple flower of the Carrot was of benefit in epilepsy.
bullet  Carrots make a lovely drop of wine.
bullet  The black swallowtail butterfly lays its eggs on plants in the carrot family, and the caterpillars feed on the foliage, so grow a few extra carrots for the butterflies!
bullet  December 6th marks the beginning of the holiday season in many families of Dutch, German and Eastern European heritage. Dutch children eagerly anticipate the arrival of St Nicholas by stuffing their shoes with hay and carrots for Sinterklaas' horse. By morning, if the children have been good, the snacks have been replaced with gifts.
bullet  You can make rattlesnake weed brew from the roots of the wild carrot. This is prepared by drying, grinding, and then roasting a few Daucus roots. Add hot water to a palm full of the roasted roots and let it steep for about 15 minutes before drinking.
bullet  In Afghanistan and India, a fermented alcoholic beverage is made from carrot roots, a flour from dried carrot roots is used as a thickener, and the leaves are eaten in soups and stews.
bullet  The British developed high-carotene carrots during World War II in order to enhance the night vision of their pilots (via massive consumption). read more
bullet  There is a miniature rose named "Carrot Top".
bullet  Amazon bookstore includes over 34000 books with the title "carrot" in them.
bullet  Notice found in the Town of Port Hope Ontario: "Unless noxious weed or weeds are destroyed by June 1st of each and every year, and throughout the season, the municipality may enter upon said lands to cause the noxious weeds or weed seeds to be destroyed, charging the costs against the land in taxes as set out in the Act. Noxious weeds requiring eradication as they appear are Goat's Beard, Chicory, Thistles, Ragweed, Poison Ivy and .. WILD CARROT!
bullet  The name 'Carrot' is Celtic, and means 'red of colour,' and Daucus from the Greek dais to burn, signifying its pungent and stimulating qualities.
bullet  The last meal on the Titanic included creamed carrots in the fifth course. Image here
bullet  The Annual Carrot Festival is held in Holtville, California.
bullet  Queen Anne's Lace is also known as Mother Die, because if you brought it into your house, according to superstition, your mother would die.
bullet  Queen Anne's Lace (Daucus carota) is the official Howard County's flower, designated as such on September 4th, 1984.
bullet  Nordstroms make fashionable jewellery out of Carrots. see more detail)
bullet  Polish folk always include carrots in the traditional Christmas Eve meal. more)
bullet  From 1 lb. of Carrots we can obtain 1 ounce and 11 grains of sugar, while out of those 16 oz. fourteen are water. When we consider that in an average man of 11 stone or 154 lb. weight, about 111 of these are water, we see what a large supply is needed to repair waste and wear and tear.
bullet  Carrot cake gained its popularity by being created during scarcity in World War Two (see WW2 page here).
bullet  The first carrot cakes are thought to be created from a German carrot-nut bread recipe.
bullet  During some religious festivities, people eat carrots cut in rounds, like coins, to symbolize future prosperity.
bullet  The Ancient Greeks called carrots "karoton".
bullet  The saying "dangling a carrot" as a way to get someone to do something, originates from the 1890s, when carrots were dangled in front of donkeys to get them to move.
bullet  In Germany, a hot beverage was made from carrots which had been chopped into small pieces and roasted.
bullet  The ruling planet for cultivated carrot is Mars; for wild carrot it's Mercury.
bullet  The biggest carrot statue in the world? 30 feet high -  here.
bullet  Ancient cure for warts - Grate a fresh carrot then mix with olive oil until you have a thick paste. Apply to wart and cover with a band aid. Do this twice a day until wart disappears.

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