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The Making of the commercial Carrot Cake - Potts Master Bakers

John had the privilege of having a personal guided tour of the leading baker of organic carrot cake, supplied to major supermarkets in the UK.  It is, naturally, based in Yorkshire!  Not only does it supply the trade, but also larger shops, restaurants and hotels.  Quite an operation!

Potts Bakers is a traditional family baker, now in its 4th generation,  with several bakeries and shops in the Barnsley area of South Yorkshire, England. Established in 1891 its ethos of quality in everything shines through its products. The business is located primarily in the Barnsley area employing around 100 staff.

Everything it produces, from bread, savouries to cakes are all made from the finest organic ingredients, and taste simple wonderful. They are constantly striving to develop and produce new products.

Potts are "Soil Association" registered bakers specialising in contract baking of organic products. They have considerable expertise in developing a product from an initial idea into full-scale production. Potts already produces a full range of organic products including: -

bullet Mince pies
bullet Fruit slices
bullet Hot X buns
bullet Christmas cakes
bullet Christmas puddings
bullet Scones and flapjacks
bullet Chocolate puddings
bullet Sticky toffee puddings
bullet Lots of different breads

and of course the ever popular Carrot Cake, the story of which follows:

Baking takes place almost 24 hours a day at the factory bakery, with Carrot Cake being made during the daytime, as demand dictates. It is normally made once a week.

Every batch of ingredients makes 500 carrot cakes, and usually 5 batches are produced consecutively.  Every stage of the production is handled in house, from mixing, to baking, frosting and packaging into boxes.

Potts do have their own web site, telling you more about the business here. 

So here goes, the carrot cake from start to finish.

Mixing The Ingredients

The ingredients (from their own recipe and all organic) are mixed in separate mixers, one for the dry items the other for wet.

Dry items include - wheat flour, fresh carrot ( 24 kilos - 13% of the mix), coconut, raising agent, soda bicarbonate, sea salt, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Wet items include - eggs, Sunflower oil, water, emulsifier and citric acid.

Depositing then Baking

The two are mixed together before being processed through a depositor into individual cake tins, lined with paper containers.  These are then baked for 45 minutes at 350 degrees C before being left to cool for the application of the frosting.


Frosting (the white topping)

This is made from organic cane sugar, margarine and orange oil and applied once the cakes are cooled.


Immediately prior to the cakes being packed into cellophane wrappers, they pass through a gas flush process, which helps keep the cakes fresher for longer.  Normal shelf life is about 28 days.

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