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A few photos showing how the Metcalfe Team go about processing lovely fresh Chantenay Carrots from the field to the bag during a September visit.


Harvest and delivery onto truck in one operation (above)

Carrots topped before harvest (left)


Lifter set to the correct depth

View from driver's position


A truck load from the field

First wash and stone sort

 Delivery of carrots


Carrot sorting washing 



First wash then off to sorting


After an initial sort through mechanical grids, the Metcalfe team do a final hand sort, and the lovely fresh and shiny carrots roll off ready for bagging.


Pre-weighed under precise computer control.

Bags proceed to be boxed and shipped to the schools.

Cool Storage Areas

Processed Carrots awaiting bagging

Dirty Carrots in storage

Carrots awaiting bagging

 "Dirty" Carrots in cool storage


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