Dried Carrot and Fruit Jewellery - By Beautifrut

Another example of the unusual items which the Carrot Museum comes across from time to time - John calls it "Just when you think you have seen everything!" - Beautifrut!! - here are some samples, click on individual photos to see the full beauty.

(IMPORTANT NOTE - I am afraid Beautifruit seems to have gone off the radar and Helen does not answer mail any more. You could try these people who do make very similar items - http://realfruitjewelry.com/ Zoe Joy is the creator.)


Hand Made Jewellery - made from Carrots

Hand Made Jewellery - made from Kiwi Fruit

Hand Made Jewellery - made from Oranges

Hand Made Jewellery - made from Carrots

Helen Soler, an Englishwoman (from Yorkshire, where else!) who now resides in northern Spain, makes beautiful items out of dried vegetables and fruit, and naturally carrots!  She is very passionate about animal rights and caring for the environment in our beautiful world, so her inspiration was that, as we predominantly live in a disposable, plastic society,  it would be nice to create something of lasting natural beauty.

She makes make various items (jewellery and decorative) from various fruit and vegetables - and they are available for sale. Due to the fact that everything is done by hand, it is a rather time consuming process but it is unique and very original and like natural fruit and vegetable, no two pieces are identical.  

Hand Made Jewellery - made from Bananas

Hand Made Jewellery - made from Strawberries

Hand Made Jewellery - made from Lemons

Hand Made Jewellery - made from Pineapples

Each piece is sliced and dehydrated by hand in a process that maintains the natural texture, colour and shape. This curing process can take between 4 and 6 weeks to ensure there is absolutely no moisture left that could cause it to rot. They are then covered with a protective resin for longevity and durability.

Apart from the earrings, she also turns the fruit and vegetables into kitchen tile motifs using double sided stickers so the end user can get really creative arranging them onto kitchen tiles or windows.

They can also be used as Christmas decorations and sun catchers. She also makes fridge magnets with the fruits and vegetable. They make original gift ideas as well as being completely unique.   Click on a photo to see an enlarged version.


Kitchen tile stickers showing fruit motif Kitchen tile stickers showing fruit motif Kitchen tile stickers showing fruit motif Kitchen tile stickers showing carrot motif

The other fruits and veggies worked on are: Tomatoes (both normal size and cherry), avocados, pumpkins, asparagus, eggplant, oranges, mandarins, lemons, strawberries, bananas, figs, pineapple, watermelon, kiwis and other fruits when in season.

The products can be found in some shops but she mainly sells them directly or to people who would like to sell them themselves. You can contact Helen for more details here: beautifrut@telefonica.net  or contact the Carrot Museum direct - they are very reasonably priced items.

Every success to beautifrut, and long may carrots appear in the exquisite items produced by Helen.

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