Carrot Museum at Harlow Carr

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The Harlow Carr Gardens Harrogate

 Carrot Museum Road Show

August 15 & 16 2007

The Royal Horticultural Society, of Great Britain, Harlow Carr Gardens, organised a Family Fun Fortnight and invited the World Carrot Museum to take part, and show off its exhibits.

Hundreds of people attended and went away, smiling, maybe a touch bemused by such a vast array of carroty things.

The kids were delighted with the activities, which included making key rings, finger puppets, colouring in, quizzes, spot the carrot hunt, word searches and crosswords puzzles.  Mr Carrot (John in his carrot suit) made several appearances and wandered the grounds to promote the event.

There were displays panels about Carrot History, Nutritional Value, Growing advice, Trivia and Healthy eating in general.  A massive exhibit displayed all the different varieties of carrot, kindly donated by the major seed suppliers.

Even the "Carrotmas" Tree got an early erection! Face painters were in the vicinity and were convinced to paint carrots on kids arms and faces!

Here are some photos taken during the two day event.


Face and Body Painters get the idea


Carrotmas Comes Early!

John ready to draw, on his kitchen ware

Seed packets from around the world

Best thing to carry fresh carrots

Harlow Carr Gardens hosts many and varied events throughout the year and this link to their website gives more details.

Such was the popularity of the displays and activities that the Carrot Museum Road Show appeared again as part of the "Taste of Autumn" event.   This time we included story book corner, which was a popular activity and kept the kids warm during the frosty morning.

Here's how it looked in Autumn, out in the marquee in the grounds:

See the 2008 shows here.  2009 here

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