Carrots in Texas

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The Texas Carrot Collector - Legal Carrot

Elizabeth Huffman from Texas, a new arrival to the World Carrot Museum.

Apparently it all started because Elizabeth tried matching up items in her kitchen, to decorate around the orange counter top!

When she started collecting 17 years ago, she only collected items actually shaped like carrots. The first one was your "garden variety"  poly-filled carrot used to decorate wreaths and such.  Soon she could not
resist items decorated with carrots though! - the carrot bug bit!!

Orange accessories are the obvious solution to a person who is a redhead, and had been called "carrot top" for years (or "rusted steel wool head", but that's another story...)  While shopping at Michael's store she saw a flash of orange & discovered her first carrot! - yes she was hooked!

After that first carrot, every time she went shopping, she would look for orange and many times be rewarded with another carrot item.  Friends and relatives also started seeing carrots everywhere and so the collection grew and grew. 

Elizabeth has even spent two Halloweens dressed as a carrot.  She also found two carrot costumes for her oldest daughter's (yes another carrot top!) first Halloween.

The Legal Carrot says "I'm definitely not a purist because I don't mind the occasional bunny and random veggie mixed in with our beloved carrots. My favorites are textiles, like old linens and quilts, folk art, stained glass, kid's clothes, etc.  Of course, I can't think of a  carrot item I wouldn't enjoy collecting, so I guess they're all my favorites."

Below are features from her large carrot collection. There are over 200 carrot items alone in her daughter's room!  Every opportunity is taken  to add carrots to the wardrobe as well.  She also loves snowmen with their darling carrot noses and leave carrots for Santa's reindeer. (well don't we all?) 

Carrots are for every season! Carrots just make Elizabeth happy!



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