David Coulson Carrot Bag Collector

David Coulson Carrot Bag Collector

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Carrot Bag Collector (2)

This is the second Carrot Bag Collection which has been uncovered. David Coulson, a graphic designer from Pittsburgh, PA has been collecting carrot bags since around 1978 when he was in college work study in New York. He would pass fruit and vegetable stands every day on his way to the office. He needed roughage in his diet and also like the taste of carrots, so regularly purchased the wonder vegetable. He then noticed a great bag design called "HiScore" and saved the bag. Yes the bug definitely bit form there on. He noticed the incredible variety of bags on the vegetable stands and decided to start a collection.

He thought he would instantly have the best collection anywhere as who else in their right mind would collect carrot bags! His collection now covers over 200 different bags, and although he still collects it's obviously getting more difficult.

What David did not know at the time was that someone else was also a collector and their paths would crossed by a unique set of circumstances. Around 7 or eight years ago, one of his sisters came to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where David lives now , on tour with an art/punk band she was in. She and the band stayed at his house for a couple of nights, played their gig, and drove on to Cleveland, a couple of hours away, where they had another show and a friend who was putting them up. As soon as they arrived she called David and said "I'm going to put the someone on the phone, and I want you to tell him what you collect." She put him on and David said, "carrot bags." This was Jeff Chiplis, the guy the band was staying with, and he was flabbergasted. He had assumed his friends were playing some kind of trick on him, as he thought HE was the only carrot bag collector in the world. They have since exchanged a few bags, but David have yet to see his collection. That will be some meeting!

Jeff Chiplis is of course a friend of the Carrot Museum and has a page dedicated to his huge collection. Click here to go there.

David still enjoys all his bags, their variety, their graphic design, their different patterns of orange lines (scrim) that obscure the colour of the carrots, their cartoon images of bunnies, healthy kids, anthropomorphized carrots, Indians, families, etc.,

He also likes their allusions to healthfulness, and especially any oddball images, like A-OK!, in which a rabbit is straddling a huge phallic carrot and riding it through the clouds like a rocket ship. Others of the favourites include Rabbit Habit, Chef Carate, Hallee-Boy, Sonny Boy, Li'l Rusty, King Carrot and Carro-Cel (a nonsensical carrot pun with a carousel image).
Here is a sample of David Coulson's the wonderful collection. For more carrot bags why not visit David's site where you will also find examples of his fine work in cartoon, lettering, illustrations and graphic design. A true artist. See his site here.

More examples of this truly unique art form.

Do not forget to visit David's site where you will also find more examples of his fantastic carrot bag collection and see his fine work in cartoon, lettering, illustrations and graphic design. As David says "Hey Art Directors! Call, fax, write or e-mail me for a pack of cool printed samples, delivered to your door by a representative of the US Postal Service." See his site here.

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