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NEWS ARTICLE WHICH APPEARED IN THE CRAVEN HERALD - 27 February 2004 Author reveals carrot facts

What do statues and carrots have in common? Cross Hills author John Stolarczyk is keen to explain the connection.

John, of Clayton Hall Road, has just written and published "The Sovereign Statues of Bradford City Hall" and his next book will be about carrots.

"I've always been interested in history," John told the Herald. "Everywhere I go I visit museums, which got me thinking there must be a museum for everything.

"My daughter bet me there wouldn't be one for carrots so we checked on the internet and she was right. I wanted to learn about web design so I set up a virtual museum on the internet called the World Carrot Museum."

And John's next book will be all about his website which has proved hugely popular. His success has led to a tour of the United States and interviews with the New York Times and the Daily Mail.

John took early retirement from his job as a legal services officer at Bradford City Hall. He had always been fascinated by the statues in City Hall and used his retirement to research and write his book.

It appears that in 1873 when the City Hall in Bradford was being constructed it was decided to include on the facade 35 life size statues of the sovereigns of England from 1066 to Queen Victoria. John intends to donate any profits from the book to the Lord Mayor's charity.

He is now turning his attention to his book about carrots. "You'd be surprised what sort of things people collect," said John. "Some people collect carrot tattoos, carrot bags or anything with carrots on."

Visitors to the website - - can find out all they ever wanted to know about carrots.

Did you know, for example, that the heaviest carrot in the world weighed more than 18lbs? Did you think all carrots were orange? Not true, they can be purple, white, red or yellow. And if you were a villager in Creances in France you would have spent a week in August 2003 dressed up as a carrot to celebrate the area's 1,000 years of carrot production.

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