Citrox, the natural alternative to Chlorine

Citrox the Safe Biocide for Carrots

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Citrox the Natural Alternative

Citrox - ProAlexin™  - This product aims to assist agricultural producers to achieve gains without the use of toxic chemicals. They are designed to activate, and enhance synergistically, the plants production of phytoalexins thus countering the risk of damage from plant-attacking pathogens.

This reduces the stress on the plant and promotes plant vigour, resulting in a healthier plant giving better yields through improved nutrition. The benefits, as observed during field trials, are a reduction in the number of fertilizers and insecticides required, higher yields and higher grade quality produce.

This is the natural alternative to synthetic biocides for the decontamination of fruits and vegetables. Farmers and fresh produce processors use every year thousands citrox logoof tonnes of chemicals to treat their fruit and vegetable produce. Inevitably some of the chemicals remain on the food as undesirable residues. In addition to the chemical residues problem, the risk of contamination is increased because the produce is repeatedly handled during preparation packing and transport. It has been estimated that as many as twenty people may have handled produce before it reaches the consumer. Even where produce has been organically grown it can be exposed to deposits from vehicle exhaust fumes, atmospheric grime and insects. In many establishments preparing produce, the treatment given is no more than a water wash, and this has little effect since the substances applied during farming are designed not to be washed off by rainfall. Clearly a more powerful and more effective washing agent is needed to remove these harmful, and potentially toxic, residues. The manufacturer of Citrox is  Vortex Systems here.  

ProGarda™ range ProGarda™ decontaminant range has been specifically formulated for the decontamination of fruits and vegetables. These products are viable alternatives to the use of chlorine for decontaminating fresh fruit and vegetables. When applied at the correct dilutions, they will give (in accordance with BS EN1276) a guaranteed pathogenic 105 reduction. ProGarda™ Decontaminant 14WP is specifically designed for the decontamination of fresh cut and open structured fruits and vegetables. It can be applied via dipping, spraying or fogging techniques. ProGarda™ Decontaminant 14T is specifically designed for the decontamination of skinned fruits and vegetables and is particularly effective when applied to produce with high organic/biofilm loadings.

Application fields - Citrox - ProAlexin™

Leaf salads Lettuce, Leafy/flowery vegetables, Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc Vegetable fruits Immature: cucumbers, peppers etc. Mature: melons, tomatoes etc. Underground vegetables Root vegetables: carrots etc. Bulbs: onions etc. Tubers: potatoes etc. Stone fruits Apricots, plums etc. Vine fruits Grapes etc Berries Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc. Citrus fruits Lemons, grapefruits, oranges etc. Tropical/exotic fruits Pineapples, papayas etc.


•Improved plant health and vigour

•Increases crop quality and yields

•Does not alter the taste of produce, has no irritant odor and has no residual withholding periods when used at manufacturers recommendations

•Reduces the dependency on traditional agrochemicals (fertilizers and pesticides)

•Far less impact on the environment: organic compliant, completely biodegradable

•No corrosion to expensive plant and equipment, reducing maintenance costs

•Working conditions for the operators are safer and more pleasant

•Cost effective: concentrated formula

Citrox products features

  • Manufactured using only naturally derived, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and non-corrosive ingredients
  • Completely biodegradable, safe and eco-friendly
  • Contain organic compliant active anti-microbial ingredients
  • Easy to handle: non-harmful to human, animals and the environment
  • Do not contain any petrochemicals
  • Do not contain any allergenic substances
  • Do not contain any synthetic fragrances or colorants
  • Not tested on animals
  • GMO free
  • Effective in very low concentration (in water)

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