The Family Cats

Slightly off the carrot theme - the Cats Section - we believe every Web Site should have a set of pictures of their pets, very much a part of our family.  

We also have a small collection of favourite cat quotations. Click here to go there now.

Check out the Feline Laws of Physics. Click here.

We adore Cats and moved to our current house with three: Sweetie, Sooty and Smartie (Elizabeth's choice of names!).
Sweetie is the dominant mother, being the natural mother of Smartie and the step mother of Sooty. Unfortunately Sooty disappeared and has never been seen again. We believe she has moved into the parallel universe which seems to exist in our lifestyle with many articles going missing and then miraculously re-appearing weeks later.

Sweetie Fickle is a kind description for Sweetie. She will never co-operate and always does things in her own time.She is a real grumpuss but can be quite soppy now and then. She never meows, but if you wake her up suddenly she goes Pret!
Sweetie with her babies Sweetie providing the milk for her two "babies" when they first arrived.
Sooty would still be "on the bottle" if you allowed her.
A very rare photograph. All three cats eating together. Seconds later and Sweetie was on her away. She does not mix with the likes of the other cats.

The three cats

Smartie is the real dope of the family.
He will chase a feather on a stick all day.
Spin it around and he literally goes dizzy following it.

What a crazy cat!

Sooty Here is Sooty doing a spot of Gardening.
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