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People who have Tattoos of Carrots

The collection of Carrot Tattoos found by the Carrot Museum

Zizi Fouquet, carrot collector extraordinaire, from Los Angeles.  Zizi's own page here.

These four photos were taken whilst the Carrot Road Warrioirs (Zizi, Jeff and John) visited the Annual Holtville Carrot Festival in 2007. (report here)

Jeff (carrot collector) & John (Museum curator) sport their temporary tattoos acquired at the Holtville Festival!  (Jeff's page here)

Here are more cases of pure carrot madness, tattoo style!.

Seth Reynolds, from Nashville.

Works in produce and loves carrots.

You can tell!!

Created June 2010

Based on an image drawn in 1535 shown here.

Flaiming Carrot Tattoo - Artist Bob Roberts at Spotlight Tattoos, California

Artist: Bob Roberts at Spotlight Tattoo on Melrose Ave Hollywood, CA. 1986 or 87.

- Flaming Carrot character created by the amazing Bob Burden. Ut!

Carrot Tattoo No 1   Rebekah Sue Harris with the Carrot Top tattoo.

Scotty (Carrot Top) autographed her arm and she just had the autograph tattooed into her skin the following night!


Tyler Nemkov has this 10 inch tattoo, which took over 2 hours to create.

Lance Talon from Boulder Ink, Boulder, Colorado takes credit for the tattoo.

Words direct from Tyler - People get tattoos for plenty of reasons: a love of art, wanting to look awesome, insecurity, hoping to pick up super-hot chicks -- but overall, it's because they want to say something about themselves that will remain permanent. Evidently, as owner Lance Talon from Boulder Ink now knows, I really like carrots -- and a specific phrase.

There are several reasons why this tattoo is now on my body, but I can definitely say this: The phrase "There's no accounting for taste" preceded my intention of getting some ink. It rests in the index of my mind and continually popped up for a few years as I tried to explain why someone left me -- why I did what I did, and my overwhelming feeling that logic may not reign over all.

Read the full blog here.

Sean Aljabori from Austin Texas, decided to pay homage to the carrot and walked into a tattoo shop with a juice box, pointed at the carrot and then at his collar.  The guy laughed, and, thinking he was drunk, told him to come back later and ask again.  So he did!  Once Sean took off his shirt and showed off  the rest of his ink, he knew it was serious.


Miscellaneous carrot tattoos.


Aftercare of tattoos matters, a tattoo cream disinfects the area or simply provides pain relief. For further advice on good care strategies and products to consider, visit Ink Done Right here.


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