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Rooting for Carrots in Iowa

Caroline Hoyt from Iowa is the proud owner of a brilliant set of carrot collectibles. It's easy to see the root of this admirable collection.

In 1985 Caroline remodelled her kitchen with vegetable print wallpaper, so the veggie madness was already bubbling under the surface. A friend gave her some carrot mugs so Caroline decided on carrots and rabbits as accent theme. As once again the bug had bitten and true carrot madness was sure to ensue.

Caroline's job as a travel agent and host took her to all points of the globe, picking up carrotabilia in California, Minnesota, Hawaii and Greece. This is a magnificent collection ranging from baskets, relish trays, tongs, salad trays, cheese spreaders etc etc. She even got her sister in law to stencil carrots on her kitchen cabinets!

If further evidence was required of the carrot madness, if Croline could not find something suitable in a carrot fashion she went out and had one made. For example she found a guy at craft fair prepared to make a carrot clock - marvellous. One of her favourite items is a basket holding a set of carrot lights. Caroline says "At night they give a warm glow and give the room a warm homey feeling".

Caroline can even see carrots outside her kitchen window. She is the proud owner of a six foot tall wooden cut out of a rabbit holding a bunch of carrots!! He is called Harvey and Caroline's husband gives him a fresh coat of paint every year. The grand kids love it.

Yes there is no doubting it the Hoyt household exhibits the classic signs of carrot madness, as you can see from the examples below every nook and cranny has a carrot.

See Caroline's New Carrot Kitchen - click here


And here are Carolines latest views of the collection and the first ever carrot light fitting I have seen! - fantastic.

See Caroline's New Carrot Kitchen - click here


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