Berlotte Carrot Collection (Belgium)

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Is there is a real Carrot Museum? - in Belgium (no!)

A Museum can be defined as - is an institution that procures, curates, and then cares for a collection of artefacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance, and curates and displays examples.

Some local people in Berlotte, near Eynatten in Eastern Belgium have created and maintain the Carrot Club & "Carrot Museum" just for fun. It is in a village of about 30 houses, a chapel and a Carrot Collection and Display. Several men in the village are members of the Carrot Club, and apart from maintaining the museum, they arrange things like village parties in the summer. Berlotter Strasse, Raeren, Walloon Region, Belgium. (try Google maps here). 

I feel I should warn you that Berlotte's Carrot collection it's an extremely small "museum", and most of the Carrot Collectors listed in the World Carrot Museum website have got more things than this display has, so do not expect a big and interesting exhibition. There are no staff and no entry, it is merely a small factory window.

The window displays are 100% dedicated to carrots, but it hasn't got any detailed information such like the history/cultivation etc. It's got carroty exhibits, which all have neat labels, and are visible through a window in an electricity tower (not used for electricity anymore). To see each exhibit you have to turn a wheel which moves the display around; you can’t go into the building because it’s too small. Outside the tower is a carrot clock, carrot weather vane, carrot design on the ground in stone, and a carrot light. It’s certainly unusual and eccentric.

Club members have T-shirts with the name of the club: MZV, short for Möhren Zucht Verein (“Carrot Fan Club”). They also have carrot statues in their gardens.

The Carrot Club and collection of Berlotte was founded in 1992.

Today Berlotte belongs to the village of Eynatten, four kilometers from the German border. Many Germans live there, as nearby Aachen provides good jobs. This accounts for the bi-national membership of the MZV (Möhren Zucht Verein  - Carrot Fan Club) – two Belgians and eight Germans. 

Carrot Museum weather vaneOnly men are admitted. But they manage to have a damn good time all the same. Wolfgang Hillen, the treasurer and secretary explains, ‘Our club goals are to contribute to society happenings and to make jokes or silly things … Our working life is serious, so we need in that club fun for our life.’

Every year on 11 November the Carrot Club organises the Saint Martin´s day festival. The townspeople come with kids and candles to enjoy themselves in front of a big open fire with hot chocolate and mulled wine. There’s an annual festival with a real carrot king and many local and other VIPs. Members have carrot sculptures in their gardens.

The Carrot Display was installed in an historic electricity substation – that dates back to 1910, a time when the area was almost entirely rural. The 20th century has not spoilt this once entirely rural area. Wolfgang Hillen reminisces, ‘You can remember the farm life, because often there is much shit on the road.’   

You can visit this display only from the outside and you will find a window, which shows all exhibitions via a wheel that moves the display around so you can see all the exhibitions serially. On the exterior, there’s a tower is a carrot clock, carrot weather vane and a carrot light.

Here's a closer look at the exhibits:

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