Carrots in Art Part 4

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Miscellaneous Carrot Art

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There are more pages of Carrots in Fine Art works  - Page 1  Page 2, Page 3 & 17th centuryVan Gogh

See the 17 foot Carrot Soft Sculpture by Lauren Jackson, from San Diego. Click here.

Wonderful Carrot Mosaics by Ilona Fried and Jesse W. Lord Johnson here

A beautiful Carrot Fan - here

Illustrations of various carrot colours appeared in many illuminated manuscripts, some of the surviving examples are shown here - ancient manuscripts.

The Giant Carrot Circle from the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester NY.  Click here

A beautiful Papier Mache Carrot made by an art student in Maryland. Click here.

Mosaic Carrot Sculpture,  Minneapolis - Clay Squared to Infinity. Click here

Large Carrots in Pearl Road Cleveland (below left) website here and here

See also the Carrot Poetry and literary references - here

The Food Gatherers Giant Carrot  Field (below right) - website here

Large Carrots in Pearl Road Cleveland

Food Gatherers Ann Arbor Carrot Field

Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables and Two Lizards (before 1607)

Oil on canvas, 105 x 184 cm Galleria Borghese, Rome
Unknown, possibly Caravaggio, Tommaso Salini, Francesco Zucchi or Frans Snyders

Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables and Two Lizards

Old Japanese postcard,
Studio portrait of a vegetable vendor by Japanese photographer Kazumasa Ogawa (1860-1929). The vendor is wearing a bamboo hat and straw raincoat. He carries a pole with baskets filled with vegetables like Japanese radish, lotus roots, Welsh onions, burdocks, onions and carrots.

Selling carrots George Morland

Selling Carrots - George Morland Date painted: 1795 Oil on canvas, 76 x 63.5 cm Collection: Brighton and Hove Museums and Art Galleries (right - detail)

Vegetable Market - Petrus van Schendel (1806-70) Oil on panel, 23.7 x 19 cm Collection: Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council Al Parker, The Believer, 1953, Good Housekeeping, December 1953 (Gouache on board?)

vegetable market petrus van schendel carrots

Some examples from Creative Carrot, an art gallery devoted to representing carrots in art.

Creative Carrot's display at the Bradford, Ontario Carrot Fest 2011(below)

John's Yellow Carrots - Sue Barrasi

Sue Barrasi from New York - Oil Painting on museum quality-archival gesso board 5.5" x 11." - "John's Yellow Carrots" in honor of The World Carrot Museum and itswork - thank you! Sue is a prolific and accomplished artist, visit her website here.

Alice Brock, from Massachusetts, is a self confessed serial painter, one is never enough!  Here is the carrot series. 

Alice Brock Carrots

Alice Brock Carrots

Alice Brock Carrots

An Allegory of summer (Lucas Van Valckenborch). 1535-97. Private collection

Detail below

Allegory of Summer Lucas Van Valckenborch 1600

Vegetable Market (Lucas Van Valckenborch). 1535-97.  Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria Detail below

C J Staniland (1913)

Quirijn van Brekelenkam (1653)

The Emigrant Ship

Man spinning and Woman scrubbing carrots.
The Emigrant Ship

Manspinning and Woman scrubbing carrots

Unknown Artists

Les Petits Mordent

John the Baptist

Les Pettits Mordent Des Carottes - Paul Gavarni 1804-66

Michelangelo Querza - Religious etching

Poster for 'Le Roi Carotte', an operetta by Jacques Offenbach (1819-90) at the Theatre de la Gaite, 1872 (colour litho)

More information here

Valentin Bing circa 1860 more detail here Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Carrot - Portrait if the Queen - George Condo

Carrots by Seamus Berkeley

Carrot Nose Jean Dubuffet

Portrait of a Queen - George Condo 2006 - displayed at the Tate Modern London Seamus Berkeley - Carrots - 8" x 4", Oil on canvas on board (24/01/07). "Carrot Nose," a lithograph by Jean Dubuffet, is featured in the Jean Dubuffet & Modern Masters of the 20th Century exhibit, at Galerie Maximillian. (Courtesy Galerie Maximillian)

Chaim Soutine - "still life with peppers and carrots" 1918. oil on canvas, collection of Rafael Efrat

Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899) - Still Life with Carrots

Adriaen van Utrecht (1599-1652) A barrel of mussels, a dogfish and other fish with turnips, carrots, a cabbage and a bucket with artichokes and asparagus on a ledge

"Cries of Old London"
Turnips and Carrots Ho

Vegetable Stall - Van Brekelenkam - carrots

Quiringh Gerritsz van Brekelenkam,
The Vegetable Stall   1665 Canvas: 47.0 x 38.1  Oil on oak panel

P Blume, Vegetable Dinner, 1927, Oil: 64 x 76 cm, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC

1910 Edward H Mitchell Southern Pacific Railroad Train Flat Car & Jumbo Carrot Postcard


Vegetable Dinner - Blume - carrots

Street art located in James Street, Southampton, UK

See it live in Google Maps here


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